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Folks are in the Kitchen!

No matter of how old we are, diet is part of our lifestyle, but it becomes more significant as we age. With a slower metabolism and digestive system, the elderly need a more balanced diet in order to avoid weight gain, and other complications brought about by a poor diet.  Sadly not everyone is Gorden Ramsey, nor are they a nutritionist who can instinctively plan this out.  Some of us need a bit of help with our cooking skills and diet choices, including those with a low income. With this in mind, Performing Production conducted a fun workshop for seniors age between 50-70 in Islington community. We ran 12 sessions where seniors familiarized themselves with easy cooking techniques, as well as budgeting their shopping cart. Every session was unique by itself, as they had the opportunity to discuss their diet and eating challenges with our skilled chef and nutritionist. Also, they learned how to plan customized menu based on their health condition.


Due to the huge success of the last set of sessions, we will be having a new set in the coming weeks. For details please read more about our upcoming projects. We hope you will be able to join us and have a lot of fun while you cook!

The seniors also an opportunity to socialise and mingle, some even finding their eating buddies. Which had the added benefit of boosting their self-confidence.

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