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Our Artists 

Luana Di Pasquale

Born in Pavia,  Luana Di Pasquale is

a London-based independent

artist/ filmmaker, who has a deep interest  in storytelling, multi-dimensional  characters, and art-house, thriller films and black comedy genre. Over the last 12 years of freelancing, Di Pasquale has kept writing/ directing and producing her own work. Some they have been showcased in national and international film festivals, broadcast on Current TV, RAI TV, and Record TV.

Currently Di Pasquale is freelancing in the film/TV industry and for Cravens creative agency as a production manager and casting director for the latest Gala Bingo commercials.


Di Pasquale also teaches film-making at the Anna Fiorentini  Performing Art school and mentors young filmmakers from a disadvantaged background forPerforming Production and Community Focus in London.

Anthony Madonna

Anthony Madonna is a tutor and an artist who has worked with various performing arts organisations which includes McCarter theatre, Long Island University and Neighbourhood children's choir. 


As a musician and leader, he has achieved many successes which includes The Juilliard Professional Intern Program, Vocal Arts Administration Intern; Managing and producing various performances, curricular courses, and social activities on the collegiate level.


He believes the art has a unique power to combine and cultivate all the qualities of a good person. When people are emerged in the arts they naturally join in a functional society; expressing inward thoughts, challenging & testing ideas, and as a team achieving a communal goal. 

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