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Improv  Theatre Workshop

Performing Production's brand new Improv Theatre Workshop will train you in the wonderful art of improvised theatre. Starting from the very basics of establishing a character through to creating a complex narrative, you'll get the chance to learn from the very best. At the end of the course, the group will have the fantastic opportunity to perform to the public! Open to all abilities, it will teach you a variety of skills needed to create an engaging story without the need for a script. This is a great chance for you to meet new people, who all share the desire to perform and entertain. The course will cover many aspects of improvisation, starting off with an introduction to thinking quickly on your feet, moving through to character creation and physicality and finally working towards more complex story structures and narratives. Through improvisation, you can improve your skills in communication, listening and flexible thinking, while in a fun, engaging and artistically exciting environment.



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