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Filmmaking Course


Our film-making mentor-ship course is designed for anyone, who are interested in bringing their ideas into reality.

This is a four weeks course, a weekly workshop every Monday and Wednesday from 18.30 to 20.30.

Our classes are mentored by artist, filmmaker

Luana Di Pasquale.

In this workshop, you will develop your creativity and skills through :

  • brainstorming ideas

  • translating your idea into an effective story and script format

  • rewriting your script until you nail it

  • casting tips

  • breaking down script: shooting schedule/ budgeting your short film

  • supporting your short film shoot  and editing through constructive valuable feedback

The workshop is sponsored by


ISLINGTON Cripplegate Foundation. 







it is all about the story: how to work with limited time and no budget.

Would you like to make a documentary/art video/short film during our independent film-making mentor-ship class and submit your work to our competition by the 19th of May 18? You can also send us a video already produced that you are proud of - if you can't make it to our free

film-making class.

Submission: Video's duration - up to 7 min.
Deadline: 19th May 2018

Filmmakers can use any filming devices: from Smartphones to non-professional, semi-professional video/photo camera to create a short film/documentary of any subject of interest.

The best video will win a Nikon Coolpix L340 Bridge Camera -

Black (20 MP, 28x Optical Zoom) 3-Inch LCD and it will be

showcased at St Luke Community Centre during our

presentation event of the work of our fantastic young filmmakers.

Please send your work to Maria at

Below the short films produced during our filmmaking course in 2017



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