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Film-making Mentorship:



Our film-making mentorship is designed for anyone, who are interested in bringing their ideas into reality. This is a six months, weekly workshop providing intensive mentorship by artist, filmmaker, Luana Di Pasquale. Experience of a variety of
Course Goals:


The workshop is sponsored by Angel Council. Therefore, you will be given the opportunity to be mentored by our filmmaking expert in order to write and direct your own short film up to 7 min, without charges.

- all the short films will be presented at an event and only five will enter our competition to win a prize
- supporting your short film shoot  and editing through constructive valuable feedback
-  breaking down script: shooting schedule/ budgeting your short film
-  learning the art of casting and directing 
-  characterization
-  rewriting your script until you nailed it (super good)
-  translating your idea into an effective script format
In this workshop, the participants will develop their creativity and skills by r
oles on student films under tutor supervision.
Understand the entire filmmaking process by participating to make a short film. To see the short films created by last year participants, please see our blog. If you wish to participate, in the next film-making workshop, please register here and join our meetup page.





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