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Are you happy when you give your personal contribution to helping our local community?

We are offering an interesting and challenging role for those enthusiastic about community support and social events.

We are looking for a fundraiser who can help mobilize the public help & contribution to support our social upcoming projects for talented kids and young people.

This role is for someone who is familiar with crowd-funding platforms, and sponsorship marketing to raise fund for our 2017 projects which aimed to improve young people's life skills, talents & creativity. You will be in charge of creating eye-catching & engaging marketing materials, videos, presentations & contents for the fundraising campaigns and monitor the entire campaign to measure the effectiveness. If you are not very skilled but have some basic skills in fundraising, don't worry, you will be guided and supported along the way to achieve our mutual goals.


  • Have a passion in music, film-making, theatre, or the performing arts.

  • Experience in either promoting, fundraising or even business development is ideal but motivation and a 'can do' attitude are essential

  • Excellent English writing skills in order to make strong applications for funding

  • Excellent prioritizing and communication skills

  • Strong relationship building skills

  • Understanding crowdfunding platforms, how it works and how to promote a campaign

  • Understanding basic sponsorship marketing

  • Familiar with marketing materials, managing and supervising the production of marketing materials, presentation & videos for the campaign

  • Having basic knowledge of community funding organisations.



We will guide and instruct along the way.


Time commitment:

2 days per week for at least 3 months.

Out of pocket Expense and benefits:

  • Travel expenses reimbursed against receipts.

  • 5 - 10% commission (depending on grants amount applied for) on successful funding applications

  • Lunch/refreshment when needed.

How to find us:

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