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Improvisation Theater Workshop

We are delighted to announce our new Improvisation Theatre workshop lead by the well-known and incredibly experienced director, Ed Cottrel.


In his long career, Ed has created over 200 improvised works, having spent 40 years leading BYT Experimental Theatre Group. He has also been a lecturer in further and higher education and spent 8 years as Stage Director in the Royal Albert Hall, responsible for the presentation of over 300 shows a year.


Our course is designed for those who have a passion for acting, including those seeking to increase their confidence and spontaneity. Regardless of their skills and background, in this class, participants will learn the basic rules of improvisation, and on to more complex ones. They will also learn a variety of skills needed to create an engaging story, without the need for a script.


The class will start with an introduction to quick and adaptive thinking, and ends with character creation and more complex story structures. The group will have an opportunity to present their talent in an epic show in Edinburgh Theatre Festival.

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