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Meet our Drama teacher - Louise Harter

We are very pleased to be welcoming out new drama teacher, Louise Harter!

Louise is currently in her third year at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and has previously completed two years at the BRIT School of Performing Arts. She has a passion for teaching and has a wide range of experience, including drama teaching, and working with children and elderly.

(Image: Louise with her pupils in the Drama Class)

Louise has a flexible and sensitive approach to teaching and has worked with Pupil Referral Units and drama groups for those with learning disabilities. As a result of this, she understands how best to meet the diverse range of needs that can arise when working with these groups.

Thanks to her breath of experience, both educational and professional, Louise has a vast theatrical skill set that includes improvisation, scripted work, puppetry, clowning, musical theatre and physicalisation.

Louise’s values are very much in line with our ethos of increasing the potential, self-awareness, self-confidence, health and well-being of disadvantaged people through art performance and activities.

Louise has said;

“I believe that drama is a great tool for teaching children to be more confident, and to get out of their shells. Dramas is also a fantastic tool in everyday life.

When working with children I really enjoy seeing the magic that they create, and the amount of fun that they have without knowing that they are learning new skills! It’s amazing to see the positive changes that a participant goes between when they first enter a workshop and when they leave!”

We are very excited to have Louise joining our team and hope you are looking forward to attending one of her classes soon! For more information about when Drama Class, click here or call us on 020 8090 1499.

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