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Performing Production presents the Improv show "Yes and Another Thing!" in London as a pre

Getting ready to be part of the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival, ‘Yes and Another Thing!’, an Improv show produced by Performing Production which will be presented this Friday 11th August in London.

Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 21 years, the Free Fringe implemented an innovative version of presenting shows in which companies are not charged for a venue, in order to allow them to offer free tickets to everyone.

This year, Performing Production is going to present "Yes and Another thing!", a new Improvised Theatre Performance directed by Ed Cotterell on Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival. This show is the final result of the Improvised Theatre weekly Workshops, introduced by Performing Production.

The audiences can expect an exciting show in which the public are going to play an important part in each performance. The spectator is going to decide who to perform, what trigger props will be used and what lines will be presented at the beginning of the performance. With unplanned and unexpected subjects, both performers and audience will build the scene together and be given more imaginations on how the scene will be finished.

On Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival, the performance will be on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of August. However, the actors are going to perform a preview of the show in London this Friday on 11th August, at the Theatre Delicatessen at 2 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PA.

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